Children made mindTV what it is today

Here are some of their stories

Terrible thoughts

Fabian meets Harry Potter, who give him his cape to keep bad thoughts away

The Missing Twin

Lars finds a torn picture in his world - his mom reveals to him what happened.
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Cleaning cables helped Joel score his first perfect German exam
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Releasing Handbrakes

Oliver's favorite soccer star shows him how to kick the ball harder - not other kids.
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Afraid of sicknesses

Kian hears a vet describe horrible diseases - and gets all worked up about it
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Fear of closed spaces

When an unfortunate event triggers claustrophobia, a magic remote can be useful
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Sibling rivalry

A magnifying glass helps Julia understand that her parents love both sisters just the same.
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Night terror

With a new switch on his hand, Linus brightens the light in his head.
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Fear of going to school

The real reason Leah couldn't go to school was something else.
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Rainbow cubes help Simi have his temper under control
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The Hulk does mindTV

Spiderman and Hulk join forces to help Max deal with constipation.
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Raspberry Number-Drink

Allison visits her Number World and realizes, just how much fun numbers can be.
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Sun Allergy

Discomfort in his mother's womb triggered a strange reaction
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Enjoying Reading

Removing red circles of frustration to bring back the joy of reading
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Unexplainable Sadness

A fascinating case of a boy who had sudden emotional breakdowns, for no apparent reason.
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Visualization - it's been huge for me. Your mind doesn't know the difference between imagination and reality. You can't always practice perfectly - my fingers will play a little bit out of tune, or my dance moves might not be as sharp - but in my mind, I can practice perfectly.

Lindsey Stirling ¦ Violinist

Cooling Headaches with Thoughts

Mario's dizziness and frequent headaches were simply a result of boredom.
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Staying Dry at Night

How changing the sleep pattern and visually training his sphincter muscles helped this child remain dry.
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Talk to the Fox

Sometimes, just little more than half an hour is enough to locate and remove a fear of animals.
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I am a big believer in visualization. I run through my races mentally so that I feel even more prepared.

Allyson Felix ¦ Athlete

Laughter Shrinks the Aliens

8-year-old Adam scares away bad Martians, that want to take him prisoner and use him for slave labour.
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