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Common questions we get asked often

General Questions

Children respond really well to visualization. It comes naturally to them.

The deciding factor is their personal motivation. mindTV visualization is based on teamwork and requires them to do their part. Since the answer is there inside them, they have to help find it.

Sometimes secondary gains get in the way. Example:
A child is afraid to sleep alone and wants to crawl into bed with its parents. It may not want to get rid of its fear, as this would mean losing the option of crawling into the parent's bed.

Age and maturity also play a role. They need to understand what you are saying. Usually it begins from age 3.

Yes. And it works really well!

Many adults also struggle to describe feelings, so visualization helps them find answers and clarity.

Any practitioner can do mindTV with adults.

Any issues with an underlying feeling can be visualized and removed. These include fears, sleeping patterns, habits, school difficulties and various personal development issues.

More infos here, or feel free to get in touch and ask your questions.

Some parents worry about this. In reality, mindTV simply helps the child remove the negative. This clears the path for their strenghts and potentials to surface. It compliments their personality and brings out their best. Visualization does not make a child into a different person.

mindTV Sessions

During pretalk with parents and child, the specifics are discussed and goals for the session are defined.

The parents usually leave the room. After a brief pretalk with the child, the session begins. The TV in the mind is activated and the visualization begins.

Depending on child's issues and interests, the practitioner then helps them bring people, places and stories alive. This brings unwanted feelings to the surface, which are then transformed into objects. These are then removed and replaced with positivity.

After session, the main findings and highlights are discussed with the parents.

Sessions typically range from 1 - 3 hours, depending on age and complexity.

This also depends on the intensity and complexity of an issue.

In general, 2 - 3 sessions are neccessary to resolve one issue.

Yes, very clearly. They can describe in detail, exactly what they visualized. During mindTV they are working hard, not sleeping.

Some kids prefer to keep the magic of the session to themselves. Most however feel proud of their accomplishments and are eager to tell their parents what they experienced.