Professional Online Training Program with Certification

Developed over the course of five years and thousands of sessions with children, mindTV uses the power of visualization and imagination to deliver immediate and lasting results. It is probably best described as an accompanied or guided self-help / self-therapy for children.

It contains an ideal mix of elements from existing practices like
Hypnosis, Autogenic Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and others.

For Professionals in the Helping People Business

The mindTV training program is aimed at practitioners, therapists and coaches looking to add to their toolbox. It is a powerful addition to other completed training in communication psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy or comparable degrees.

Who ist it not for?

mindTV is focused on achieving quick and lasting results. And that is exactly what it delivers. If you believe in months or even years of therapy, this might not be a very good fit. More often than not, you will find that clients have resolved their issue after just one or two sessions. Granted, while this may at first glance be a financially unwise approach, the word of mouth of your happy clients will provide a growing stream of new customer. And it will differentiate you from the competition. You will be known as the one who offers the fastest solutions. 

Dramatically Increase Your Success With Children

Putting the secrets of the mindTV method to use will most likely change the way you approach your sessions forever. By transforming feelings into objects and applying the steps in the training program you will find it much easier to locate the roots of any issue. And you will use simple tools to successfully remove negative feelings, emotions or habits.

This will work so well for you because all the answers are already there. You just need to guide the child in the right direction.

Meet Founder Sonya Mosimann

From single mom working multiple jobs to leading voice in the field of children's therapy

"The biggest room is the room for improvement."

This has been my motto for many years. And it has taken me to levels I never believed were possible.

I am thrilled to introduce to you today my brand new mindTV Training Program. It is the result of many intense years and thousands of therapy sessions with children. It really was the children, that made mindTV what it is today. It was them, that led me to all my discoveries.

I now invite you to take the next step. To learn this exciting and highly effective visualization method.

It's the greatest feeling in the world, when parents look at you with huge eyes and ask "How did you do that?"

Here's the mindTV Secret:

mindTV Key


At the core of every issue you will find a bad feeling.

Kids find it difficult to see, understand and grasp a feeling. With mindTV you will learn exactly how to locate and then transform any feeling into an object. The child then has something to work with. Both the child and you will find it much easier to get rid of unwanted feelings.

Additional steps will help you restore balance and secure lasting results.

This is the primary reason, why mindTV will work so well for you.

The Power of mindTV on Full Display

The Curious Case of The Girl with the Electric Shock Jolts

A distressed mother turned to me seeking help for her daughter, 10 years old, experiencing painful jolts throughout the body. The doctors and neurologists had nothing left to offer. They gave the diagnosis of psychosomatic. This girl had a long history of ailments and had spent large parts of her young life connected to tubes in hospitals. Tied to the bed, she couldn’t play with friends, leading to loneliness and sadness.

In the first session we visualizing her mind room, and quickly discover all sorts of alarm signals. In search for answers it becomes clear, that this girl is completely trapped in her own body. Negotiations with the body fail, so we resort to general clean up and resetting buttons.

In the following sessions, the negotiations become more fruitful. Step by step we restore the balance of the Healthy Human Triangle. Despite steady general improvements, the jolts were still there. The fourth session proved to be the breakthrough. She finally becomes Boss of her Body.

2 ½ hours later, her mother confirmed, that the jolting had stopped. Goosebump moment.

The detailed outline of this case can be found in the main manual of the training program.

Online Training - Made with You in Mind

You value time. You prefer it simple. You appreciate convenience.
Enhance your skill set from the comfort of your own home.
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100% Fluff-Free

No studying hundreds of pages. No watching countless DVDs in search of the rare nuggets. We have reduced the training program to one giant nugget. You will find value in every word. 

Just Push Play

No hassles with ZIP files. No issues with enormous downloads. Everything is streamed and works on all your devices. Just push play. 

Whenever, Wherever

You get 100% access immediately. You can take the program from the comfort of your own home. Whenever and wherever you want.

Here's Exactly What's Inside

A practical set of downloads for professional use.
  • 1 main training manual - A beautiful, clean 90-page document with a simple structure, helping you understand, why mindTV is so effective and teaching you to apply it successfully.
  • 25 instruction Videos - Compact, easy to understand tutorials showing you exactly how to perform the steps on the clients. Takes the guessing out of your game.
  • 1 pre-talk outline - A straight-forward outline how to talk with child and parents. This will give you instant credibility and make you look like the professional you are.
  • 1 flow chart - This is like a one page navigation system. Have this beside you in the beginning and you will easily find your way through the entire session.
  • 20 cheat sheets - Designed to have near you at all times. Pull out the one you need, when you need it. Never get stuck, always know what to say.
  • 1 certificate - Take the exam and get your certificate. Aside from quality management this also gives you confidence. You know your stuff.

mindTV Training Program Content

Discover Fresh, New Concepts

and get ready for aha moments

mindTV Method Children2

  • Movie of their Life - Access all of the accumulated and stored memories of your clients life.
  • Arm Drop Process - Discover this simple and incredibly useful technique to locate the exact age and day, when your clients issues began and grew in size.
  • Their World and Safe Place - Find out in detail, which state your clients are in. From here you take them on a fascinating journey through their subconscious mind.
  • Time Bridge - Work your way up and down through the clients life and jump precisely to the incidences that need to be addressed.
  • Healthy Human Triangle - Unlock this powerful truth of how the two friends and body work together as a team and restore the balance your client needs.

Enhance Your Experience with Add-ons

An impressive set of tools covering the most common issues children are confronted with. These add-ons will help you deal with specific topics and add color and life to your sessions.
mindTV Add-ons
These are highly useful techniques that have been successfully helped children of all ages.

They serve two main purposes:

1) to help you add color and fun to your sessions

2) to successfully deal with the most frequent issues

Each add-on comes with its own instructional video and a downloadable PDF file.

Magnet Hand

Help children remove even the strongest, most persistent bad feelings

The Magic Headphones

Help bullied children protect themselves and build self confidence

Ear Filters

Help restless kids concentrate much better on the tasks before them

The Flying Bicycle

Help children deal with strong fears by applying the principle of flooding

Lake of Protection

Help emotionally highly sensitive kids shield against absorbing negative feelings

and many more...

Five add-ons are available today while 20 more are already in production and will be added in the next few months.
Like the many tools on a Swiss Army Knife, these add-ons are useful helpers in all situations. Find creative visualization techniques specifically made to deal with common issues like fears, learning problems or concentration
mindTV Add-ons

Support is Always Just a Few Clicks Away

We offer a steadily growing range of tools to help you develop your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

In your member area you will find a FAQ section. We will continue to post the most common questions that come up.

Submit Your Question

Let us know if you need clarification. Sonya will regularly post videos with answers to great questions.

Tipps / Webinars / Forums

As more and more professionals are applying mindTV and enjoying success with it, we will continue our efforts to provide you with all the neccessary tools to succeed yourself. Stay tuned.

Designed to Help You Succeed

We asked professionals like yourself, what it is they struggle with most.
And then we addressed it.

Create Engaging Sessions

Yes, kids can be restless in our digital age, especially when not playing a game on the parents smartphone. mindTV will show you how to find the childs interests and then take it on a lively, exciting and fun journey through its own subconsciousness. Watching TV in their mind will keep kids motivated and curious.

Know What to Say and Do

We have good news for you. The answer really never lies in exactly copying someones way of doing things. It is your client, who has all the answers. All you really need to do is guide them through the steps so they can help themselves. And this step by step framework is exactly what mindTV provides.

See Incredible Results

Clients want results. After all, that's what they pay for, right? Sure, most will walk out and tell you that they feel a little better. But the real magic happens, when they discover that their issue is completely resolve. mindTV will help you surprise clients and have them spread the story of how you were able to help them.

Get More Clients

You can't advertise your way to success anymore. It all comes down to word of mouth. That determines, how full your books will be. Help just one child completely solve an issue and parents, teacher and friends will all recognize the change. Do this a few times, and you will have people standing in line for your services.

Not Worry About Mistakes

During mindTV, you are sort of like a driving instructor. You sit in the passenger seat while the client does the work. Your job is to lead the client. While every ride may take a bit of a different route, there is really nothing you can do to wrong here. Follow the mindTV flow chart and you client will fill in all the gaps.

Be Excited

If you're already a successful professional yourself, mindTV most likely is exactly what you've been looking for. Not just a shiny new toy to play around with, but a highly effective method to help children solve their isssues. Be among the first to apply this and get in touch with us. Many exciting ideas to talk about.
mindTV Method Children1

Unlock the Power of Visualization and Learn to Speak the Language of the Subconscious Mind

Get Instant Access to the Complete Training Program
  • $890
    or 5 monthly payments of $199
  • Includes the complete
    training program, exam and your
    certificate of completion
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  • $3'900
  • Includes training program online
    and also in print, all add-ons,
    certificate of proficiency and a
    personalized coaching plan with
    lots of 1 on 1 time
    with Sonya Mosimann.
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*Offer ends when all add-ons currently in production have been added. If you purchase now, you will have access to all 25 add-ons. We will inform members when they become available

What if it's just not for me?

That's when our 30-day "Buy, Try & Apply" 100% Money Back Guarantee kicks in.

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this product will help you achieve fantastic results. Thousands of children have been helped. Thousands of parents can attest to its effectiveness.

Work your way through the training programm and when you're ready, apply it on your first client. You will immediately notice how powerful this tool really is. While your first few attempts may not yet be perfect, you will most definitely already see results. Goosebump moments on their way.


Granted, people are very different. Should the mindTV Method simply not fit your style, get in touch with our office. Let us know how you applied it and in which way it did not quite meet your expectations. We will refund you immediately. All refunds are discretionary.

Why we ask for this?

mindTV is a world class product and we want to see world class people using it, loving it and having great success with it. Only by applying the principles can you recognize the true potential. We do not want you to just sign up to have a quick look. If you're not sure, just ask us. People that do have a genuine interest will be eager to try it the very next day anyway.

So, go for it. Get mindTV and start using it. And if you're not completely satisfied, get in touch. Yes, it's that easy.


Other Questions You May Have

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. And if for some reason you still have a question that went unanswered, feel free to contact our office at
Sonya is probably just a natural talent. I'm not sure if it will work for me.
While it's true that Sonya does seem to have an extraordinary feel for working with children, the biggest strength of mindTV is its simplified step by step procedure. Don't forget, the hardest part was getting to where she is today. It involved a lot of trying, failing, trying again. And again. And again. Until the results kept getting better. Thousands of sessions later, Sonya now uses this exact formula in her own sessions. It WILL work for you. And with all the add-ons you get an incredible set of tools that cover all the most common and difficult issues children are confronted with.
How is this different to the things I’ve tried in the past that didn’t work so well?
No shortage of trainings, courses and seminars out there, that's for sure. Without knocking any of the other methods, but we do strongly feel that most of them will still leave you wanting. Sonya also went through this for a long time. She spent a lot of money on all kinds of education. She then found the most promising bits and pieces of each training and eventually put them together in the puzzle that has become mindTV. The result is probably the most understandable, the most client AND practitioner friendly method to come along in many years. Especially for children, there simply is nothing comparable out there.
Is it worth it?
Well, we do admit that we're a little bit biased here :-). Look, the truth is, in the field of "helping people", word of mouth is your only bet. Clients are immune to advertisements and bold claims, but not to stories. Having customers go out and tell their friends, will accelerate your business.

The best thing about helping children: Parents recognize the change and will also want to come to you. So often have moms asked Sonya, if this would also help them. And of course made lots of appointments.
Does mindTV also work with adults?
YES, incredibly well! While the basic principles remain the same, you can just adapt some of the language and imagery to better suit the individual person. We strongly encourage you to apply this with anyone. Goose bump moments guaranteed. Just the other day a therapist using mindTV notified us that she had successfully worked on a 68 year old lady. It was a fascinating story, one of many, that show just how effective mindTV is.
Can mindTV really be learned online?
As an instructor herself, Sonya has trained people face-to-face for years. At first, she was indeed a little sceptical. She naturally assumed that live training had to be more effective and people wouldn’t learn so well online. Then she discovered, that this was simply not true. Attendees of her live trainings would go home with the learning material, having heard everything only once. Days later they would remember only parts of what they had learned and really had nowhere to turn to, when questions came up. The mindTV training program allows you to try things out, watch the instructional videos over again. You can even freshen up shortly before session on your smartphone. And you can submit questions in your member area. We have found that learning, applying and coming back to reflect and review work exceptionally well and will have you working successfully with mindTV in no time.
How exactly does it work?
1. You select one of the three available mindTV package. This will grant you immediate access to your member area.
2. After having a look around, you will want to first download the training programs main manual - this is the cornerstone. Work your way through it. Alongside you will find instructional videos for every step of the way.
3. When you feel read, take the exam and get your Certificate of Completion.
4. Apply mindTV with your clients and use the many helpers we have provided. Among then downloads you will find a flow chart, pre-talk outline, illustrations and cheat sheets.
Computers and me... Well, let's just say, we're not best friends.
No need to worry. You really just need to be able to use a keyboard, spell your name and know how to click on something with a mouse. Yes, it's that simple. A great deal of planning has gone into mindTV, to make it as easy to use as possible. The videos for example are streamed just like on YouTube - just push play. And if you do have an issue, out team will help you. Lightning fast.

Ear Filters


A mighty tool to help children with concentration issues

Magic Headphones


Effectively helps children who are being bullied

What People Love Most about mindTV

This is the first training in recent years, that has managed to exceed my expectations. It provides a completely logical framework and my clients genuinely enjoy the process. It simplifies my work as a therapist. And best of all, the results are no longer vague, since clients work with shapes and see their issue disappear in front of them.

Rita – mindTV Practitioner since 2016

The most significant benefit for me is the ability to be on the same page as my clients. Due to the clear visualization I feel like we now speak a common language. It’s remarkable, how much clarity this has added to my therapy.

Ruth –  <em>mindTV Practitioner since 2016</em>
Ruth – mindTV Practitioner since 2016