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“You won't believe how many things we tried and how much time we wasted. Had we only known about this method sooner."

Ph. Müller
Father of 10 year old Julie who came with a strong fear of vomitting

"Thank you! You managed to do the unthinkable. In yesterday’s conversation, his teacher was full of praise. She asked several times, how we did it. In a matter of just six weeks, Tim has become a confident, concentrated and attentive child in school, that others now want to play with."

Samantha S.
Mother of 7 year old Tim who came with multiple school issues

Visualization works

Many successful people have long discovered its power

Athletes, musicians, actors, elite soldiers and highly successful people apply principles of visualization to achieve greater things. It prepares, helps them focus and enables them go beyond their own boundaries.

Visualization uncovers hidden strengths and brings untapped potential to the surface.

If you can see it, you can achieve it.

With a Twist

mindTV is guided visualization, designed for children

The name mindTV just happened. It's exactly what we told kids looking for help.

Do you want to watch TV in your mind?

They love it. It's probably one of the most exciting approaches you will find.

mindTV is an adaptation of existing visualization techniques. It also combines elements from different other forms of coaching and therapy. It is specifically designed to help todays children deal with their issues.

Spoiler Alert!

It's not just the therapy

It's not about another shiny new method.

mindTV works, because it uses the child's own ressources.

The answers are already there. The key is pointing the child in the right direction, to allow them to find their own solutions. Visualization is the most effective way to achieve this.

Guided Visualization

Pictures can help shape reality

Everything you experience with your senses, is stored. You may not be able to retrieve it with your conscious mind, but it's there. The Movie of Your Life is there.

At the root of every issue is a negative underlying feeling. This feeling can be brought to the surface, transformed into an object and removed.

With mindTV, you rewind back to relive and reframe any memory, with negative emotions attached.


Accuracy & Clarity

Find an answer to the "I don't know"

What are you afraid of? Why can't you sleep? Why can't you concentrate?

Sometimes, you just don't know. You can reason with your child, send it from one therapy to the next. If the answers are within, that's where you need to begin your search.

mindTV uses visualization to access the subconscious. It unlocks and brings to the surface unexpected reasons. If you know the cause, you can fix it.


An Example

It doesn't take much

Sam has just turned six. He overhears his parents talk about someone breaking in a few houses down the street. Later that evening, Sam is in bed and hears a scraping noise. The thought creaps into his mind: Is this the burglar?

In his mind, Sam instantly sees the burglar, trying to break in. Fear takes hold. This is the moment, when the emotion of fear is connected to the image he has in his mind. This connection gives birth to the fear of burglars.

Sam now has trouble falling asleep. He wants to sleep in his parents' bed.

In a mindTV session, Sam would be led back to the initial memory, when the fear began. There, he would relive the same situation again, but from a different angle. The memory would be reframed  - maybe it was just the neighbors cat. Sam would then transform his fear into an object and remove it.

mindTV could be exactly what you're looking for

Children made mindTV become what it is today

These are some of their stories

Unexplainable Sadness

A fascinating case of a boy who had sudden emotional breakdowns, for no apparent reason.

Laughter Shrinks Aliens

Adam scares away bad Martians, that want to take him prisoner and use him for slave labour.

The other Side of the Story

Sometimes, just little more than half an hour is enough to locate and remove a fear of animals.

Cooling Headaches with Thoughts

Mario's dizziness and frequent headaches were simply a result of boredom.